About CHCA

We begin with the end in mind. So, what’s the “end”?

The “end” of a CHCA education—the goal we hold in our minds every day—is each and every eighteen-year-old graduate, fully prepared for college and life beyond. Here’s how it works:

In high school, students’ adult selves come into focus as they engage with different cultures, viewpoints, and ideas. They tackle advanced, college-preparatory coursework as they strengthen their faith by debating life’s most profound questions.

In middle school, we mentor, encourage, and celebrate students as they make the transition from childhood into their teen years. As they conduct laboratory research, express themselves through the arts, and grow in their relationship with God, students graduate from concrete to more abstract thinking.

In preschool and elementary school, we spark curiosity and build mental muscle through a thematic approach to math, language, and science, while developing a foundation for a life of faith through daily Scripture lessons. Throughout these formative early years, we also tend to children’s natural inquisitiveness and creativity as we help them explore and shape their individual gifts.

Now, looking back from the end of students’ years at CHCA to the beginning, can you picture how a CHCA education could shape your child’s life?

CHCA doesn’t teach you what to think, but how. The school gives students an intellectual and spiritual toolkit they can use all their lives, in all kinds of different circumstances. 

    –Alumna, class of 2012

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