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Why we say “win twice”

Spend some time around our teams as they practice or compete and you’ll probably hear someone say the phrase “win twice.” It’s a motto of ours, something that reminds us why we play: we want victory not only on the scoreboard, but also by bringing glory to God. We want to be competitive but also have perspective; win humbly and lose gracefully; be kind to our opponents as well as our teammates; and maintain a good attitude that reflects positively on ourselves and CHCA.

If you think a “win twice” philosophy sounds nice but doesn’t win games, we’ve brought home a number of state and district titles and our athletes regularly go on to swim, run track, and play football, tennis, baseball and soccer for their universities. Students can get involved in sports as early as the elementary intramural program; once they get to high school, they have 22 varsity sports to choose from. Because CHCA is big enough to be competitive yet small enough that everyone gets to play, nearly all of our students compete in a sport and many compete in multiple sports over the course of their high school career.

CHCA students aren’t just taking what they learned in the classroom with them as they go to college and grow into well-rounded adults—they’re taking lessons learned about endurance, teamwork, and giving your all on the field while continuing to reflect Christ’s character. So we look at every practice, game, meet, and match as an opportunity to live out our motto and win twice.

CHCA is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association  (OHSAA) and of the Miami Valley Conference (MVC).  Find out more about our fall, winter, and spring interscholastic and youth teams.. Or take a look at our outstanding athletic facilities, and check team’s
schedule—we’d love to see you at an upcoming game!

Athletics is especially important for building character.  There’s often a decision moment when you’re asked, “Do you have it in you?” I’ve seen countless students grow stronger by putting themselves to the test.

    —High school faculty member

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