Fine Arts at CHCA

The arts are a beautiful (inspiring, joyful, wonderful) thing

The arts are incredibly inspiring to young minds—one look at a child’s face as she masters “Twinkle, twinkle” on the violin or brings home a lovingly crafted piece of stained glass, and you can see it so clearly. That’s why fostering creative expression is an intentional pursuit at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy—the arts aren’t just about displaying beauty, they’re a way to convey joy, tell a story, connect to one another and share God’s gifts.

At every grade level, CHCA students are encouraged to sing, play, act, dance, paint and sculpt to their heart’s content. We offer expert instruction in everything from jazz band to steel drums, photography to pottery, comedy to drama, and much more, with a chance for everyone to put their creations on display during our all-school ArtBeat fine arts festival each spring. The wide range of choices means children get the opportunity to find their favorite thing; great facilities and outstanding teachers mean they get the best conditions in which to discover, grow, be challenged, and do their best work.

At CHCA, you’ll be dazzled by the talent displayed on our stages and walls. But you might be even more impressed with the smile on your son or daughter’s face as they take their final bow at the end of a concert, put the finishing touches on their first portrait, or realize they have a gift they can share with others for the rest of their lives. 

I never thought I would try improv comedy. But when I saw a show, I said, “I need to be part of this!” Now improv is my passion.

    —Upper School 9-12 student


Official CHCA Fine Arts Photographer:  

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