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2016-2017 and  2017-2018  CHCA Academic Calendar    Updated   01/31/17

 All Campus Information
 Gr. K-12 Athletes:
Every Season ATH Registration:
1. Register and Schedule payment online with UltraCamp (Gr 3-12)
2. Complete athletic eForms online in FinalForms (Gr 7-12 only)
3. Return paper OHSAA Physical pages 3 & 4 that require a doctor signature (Gr 7-12 only)

Planning to help your coach by driving students?  You must submit this transportation form to the Athletic Office.
 Grade K-6 (Youth) Sports:  Info

  Fine Arts
  Fine Arts Handbook - Gr. PK-12
  Fine Arts Events
Sign up for Fine Arts Weekly eNewsletter
  Student Billing
  SMART Tuition - General Info
Register/Log In online (School Code: 10769)
  Pay Online - Online Payment Portal  (MasterCard, Discover, & eCheck)  For Annual and Semi-annual Tuition payments
Scrip Shop info    In-Stock Inventory List
Agreement form    Order form

Box Tops for Education info
Campbell's Labels for Education info

CHCA photos taken by staff photographer Judi Alvarado - view and purchase

Don't know where to turn?  Try Help and Head's Up

The Eagle Store  Hours & Location
  General Forms and Information

Grades PK-8 Uniform Information
16-17 Uniform Dress Code

Lands' End Fit Guide (including Hard-to-Fit Hints)
CHCA Eagle Clothing Swap
Save more by purchasing Lands' End Scrip!

CHCA is FERPA Compliant info

CHCA Association Application for Membership form

16-17 CHCA Agreement to Transport CHCA Students in Personal Vehicles form

Want help interpreting your Grade 1-8 child's ERB Scores?
 Educational Records Bureau CTP 4 Parent Guides aid you to understand and interpret your student’s score report for the ERB Comprehensive Testing Program.  Scores distributed to parents each spring.
     - Primary Grade Report Guide

  IT and Computer

IT Issues
Logging on at CHCA
Technology questions - Call MIS at 276-1113
Submit an email to create an IT Help Ticket
Bring Your Own Device program info
Submit an idea for the website
Dear Webmaster ...

  NetClassroom Info Sheet (rev 8/15)
Submit an email to request a NetClassroom Log On ID
Great Prices on Software
  Need Adobe or Microsoft software but don’t want to pay full price? Go to select Ohio, Hamilton county, and then Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy to get student pricing on name brand software suites.


 Early Childhood Learning Center (Gr PK3-PK4)
Campus Connection:   ECP
Hours and FAQs

Email the Front office

Attendance Line  247-9944 x800 by 9:00 a.m.

GTF Lunch Program
PK February Menus:      Breakfast    Lunch

Purchase Cafeteria Card:  PayFotIt.Net  or  16-17 Order Form - Q&A Sheet
After School Program  Info

16-17 Daily Schedule

16-17 Extended Absence form


 CHCA Lower School (Gr KPrep-6)
Campus Connection:    Lower E     Upper E
Hours and FAQs

Email the Front Office:  Lower E       Upper E

Attendance Line  247-9944      Call by 9:00 a.m.
Gr KPrep-4:  x800     Grade 5-6:  x801

GTF Lunch Program
February Menu:    Gr K-4        Gr 5-6

Purchase Cafeteria Card:  PayFotIt.Net  or  16-17 Order Form - Q&A Sheet

Bible Memory Verses  (Gr 1-4)
16-17 Memory Verses  (revised 01/07/17)
16-17 Memory Verse Guidelines
16-17 Memory Verse Schedule

16-17 Daily Schedule:    Lower E      Upper E

16-17 Extended Absence:    Lower E     Upper E

16-17 Parent Handbook:   Gr K-3     Gr 4-6

16-17 Volunteer Manual:  Gr KPrep-4
After School Programs:
Register online  
                           Gr 5-8 After School Zone

Lower Elementary (Gr KPrep-3)

Upper Elementary (Gr 4-6)

See above for NetClassroom information

16-17 Specials Rotation Schedule:  Grade 5      Grade 6

Gr 6 Girl Leadership, Etiquette and Creativity Sessions - 01/26/17 and 01/31/17 - Free! - Info and Permission
Curtains Up Afterschool Acting Program at CHCA
Gr 3-4:  02/01/17 - 04/05/17    Register Step 1 - Register Step 2
Gr 5-6:  02/02/17 - 03/30/17    Register Step 1 - Register Step 2


CHCA Upper School (Gr 7-12)

Campus Connection:       Upper 7-12
Email the Front Office:   Upper 7-8     Upper 9-12

Attendance Line  247-9944  Call by 8:30 a.m.  
        Upper 7-8   x803        Upper 9-12   x802

GTF Lunch Program
February Menu:  Upper 7-8   Upper 9-12


Purchase Cafeteria Card:  PayFotIt.Net  or  16-17 Order Form - Q&A Sheet
16-17 Daily/Bell Schedule:    Upper 7-8     Upper 9-12

16-17 Extended Absence:    Upper 7-12

16-17 FAMILY Handbook:   Upper 9-12

Explore Activities & Clubs:    Upper 7-8   Upper 9-12


Upper 7-8

Gr 5-8 After School Program
Program Info - Register online

Curtains Up Afterschool Acting Program at CHCA
Gr 7-8:  02/02/17 - 03/30/17    Register Step 1 - Register Step 2

Upper 9-12 and College Guidance
16-17 Open Campus Privilege Agreement (Seniors Only; starts 09/06/16)
Need service hours?  Check out the SOS online calendar
ACT Prep Classes at CHCA info - Spring classes start 02/11/17
BW3 Prom Fundraiser info - 02/08/17

nrichingKidz Classes - Better Baby Sitter starts 04/21/16  and  Kidz home Alone starts 05/02/16 -- Info - Register Online


 Armleder School (PK3/4 - Gr 6)
Campus Connection: Armleder School

Hours and FAQs     Daily Schedule

Visiting Armleder?  Parking Tips
Attendance Line  721-2422 by 9:00 a.m.

GTF Lunch Program
February Menu:  Grades PK-6

16-17  Family Handbook:  Preschool     Grade K-6

16-17 Extended Absence form
Armleder Achievers After School Program
Program Info - Register online starting 08/01/16

16-17  Bible Memory Verses

16-17 CPS Private/Parochial School form

16-17  Permission to Participate form
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