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CHCA Celebrates Chinese New Year

Posted On: 1/25/2017 11:34 AM

CHCA Celebrates Chinese New Year

Understanding and learning about other cultures is a vital part of the CHCA education. This importance is what led CHCA Chinese Teacher, Shanli Zhao, to throw a celebration in our community in honor of the Chinese New Year. Thanks to the help of her students, International Students, parents, faculty, and staff, the festival was a memorable evening for all who attended.

The festival contained three main events. One part of the celebration included an opportunity for guests to spend time at student-led activity stations, consisting of Chinese Chess, Calligraphy, Chinese Yo-Yo, paper cutting, and Chinese tradition items. In another key part of the celebration, guests were able to take part in a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. Many thanks to Miss Jiawen Cai, Mr. Enjie Li, and three student volunteers from the Confucius Institute at Miami University for leading this ceremony and for a time of Kong Fu. And thanks to Mrs. Huinan Han, the Export Associate at M. Bohlke Veneer Corp., and her family, who were there to help with making and cooking the dumplings.

The evening also consisted of performances by both students and special guests. Mrs. Lin Pen, who is the Academic Dean at the Greater Cincinnati Chinese School, invited local professional performers. Mr. Li Sun, the Research and Development Associate Director at Procter and Gamble, was in charge of all of the performances and did a wonderful job of making everything run smoothly. Procter and Gamble Senior Scientist, Mr. Jie Tao, was featured playing the Hulusi, a wind instrument from China.

CHCA grade 8 students also led a musical performance during the festival. And grade 6-8 students, who also participated in leading music, put on a play called The Zodiac Story.

And if that wasn’t enough, fun was also had by all during a dumpling making competition. The completion was fierce in this students vs. parents feat, and in the end, two parent teams won the event! Each member of the winning teams received red envelopes from Ms. Zhao, which contained Chinese dollars. But everyone walked away with a prize, as all of the students and their siblings received a Chinese goody bag, filled with Chinese candy and bookmarks.

Of note, one CHCA family who attended had a special reason for enjoying the party. They brought their two girls who were adopted from China. While one was adopted as a baby, the other was adopted less than a year ago. Being a part of this celebration was so special for them, causing them to beam and thoroughly enjoy their time.

Both of these children enjoyed interacting with things from their culture. The father of this family mentioned that they have been to many celebrations in the area, but this was by far, “one of the best!”

CHCA Chinese Teacher Shani Zhao is so appreciative of all of who helped to make the Chinese New Year celebration so successful. “Thanks to the support of Principals Nancy Buckman, Holly Metzger, and Dean Nicholas, the school was able to put on such a fun celebration. Evelyn McDonnell, Wendell Hensley, and Kathy Wesson helped with reserving rooms, providing supplies, putting up decorations, and organizing the 6th grade performers. And thanks to the grade 6-8 teachers who cooperated with the performers’ practice schedule.”

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