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Phone, email, fax, carrier pigeon…

To contact CHCA, you can e-mail us or call (513) 247-0900. All Administrative, Admissions, Business, Development, Technology, Athletic and school offices may be reached through this number. To contact someone directly, please dial (513) 247-9944 followed by their three digit extension found in the online directory. To contact the Armleder School by phone, please call (513) 721-2422. Set up a visit through the Admissions Office.

To contact us by mail or fax:

CHCA Administrative Offices
(Located on the 2nd floor of the Martha S. Lindner High School Building)
11525 Snider Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Fax (513) 247-0950

EBL Location - Directions small.jpg
Edyth B. Lindner Elementary School Building
Early Childhood Program Grades PK3-PK4
Lower Elementary  Grades KPrep-3
Upper Elementary  Grade 4
11312 Snider Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone (513) 247-0900
Fax     (513) 247-0125
Map     Hours

MS Location - Directions small.jpg
Founders' Building
Upper Elementary  Grades 5-6
Upper School  Grades 7-8
11300 Snider Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone (513) 247-0900
Fax     (513) 247-9362
Map     Hours

MSL HS Location - Directions small.jpg
Martha S. Lindner High School Building
Upper School Grades 9-12
11525 Snider Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone (513) 247-0900
Fax     (513) 247-0982
Map     Hours  

AS Location - Directions small.jpg
Otto Armleder Memorial Education Center
Armleder School  PK3/4 - Grade 6
140 West 9th Street*
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone (513) 721-2422
Fax     (513) 721-3300
Map     Hours    

*Parking tips: Armleder is a downtown campus; and as a result, parking in our lot is limited to teachers, staff and volunteers.  Visitors should try parking at meters on 9th or Elm Streets, or in the lot around the corner on Elm (for a fee).  (Parking on Elm Street at the corner of 9th and Elm is prohibited between 2:00-4:00 p.m. on school days for CHCA bus dismissal only as stated on the sign.)  If you're visiting Armleder and want 
to know if we have a space open for you in our lot, call 721-2422.

Having trouble finding something on CHCA's website?  Submit an idea for the website or email the Webmaster.  We love hearing from website visitors and welcoming them in person on campus.  
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